Prayer Letter: March – August 2020

Donate04/09/2020 | Issue #03


FAITH South Sudan/Uganda is grateful for what we able to do in spite of the global pandemic. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. It is a great thing to serve the Lord Jesus by serving others.

Praise God from whom all grace comes. We thank God for His protection in the midst of the crisis. The world is going through enormous difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As an organization our activities are also affected by the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the virus. We thank God that none of our team members have contracted the virus. We were not able to send our prayer letters as expected. We are sorry about that.

Because our main ministry is training, most of our activities were stopped due to Covid-19. Our newly established schools ran only for one and a half months before they were closed down. We however started The Ravens Project to distribute food items to vulnerable households in Yei South Sudan.


  • Thank God for His protection upon us during this global pandemic.
  • Thank God for the successful food distribution to 120 vulnerable households in Yei. The effect of Covid-19 is hard on the needy in both rural and urban areas. People have lost their livelihoods.
  • Thank God for the positive but slow progress in the peace process in South Sudan. It is our prayer and hope that South Sudan leaders will form the unity Government that will respect and implement the agreement.
  • Thank God for the friend who was able to give us small loan to pay rent for our school property in Juba, pray that God will bless him richly because without their help it was going to difficult to keep the the school compound as we pray and hope for schools to reopen when the time is right.
  • Thank God for the impact of our work both in South Sudan and Uganda.


Please pray for the following prayer needs:

  • Pray for the continued impact of our projects on the people we reach with the Gospel.
  • Pray for the qualified teachers we hired from Uganda to teach in our two schools. The lock-down got them here with us in South Sudan. We are facing challenges to keep and accommodate, feed and pay them as the schools are closed for six months.
  • Pray that we get someone to help us provide for them until the Uganda borders are reopened and it is safe for them to return home.
  • Pray that we will get funds to keep our activities and work.


  1. Church and Community leadership training in Yei South Sudan is going on this week and will end tomorrow 5th September, 2020.
  2. Phase 02 Youth Leaders Discipleship for Youth Leaders in the Refugee camps is still on hold until Uganda Government allows religious gatherings.
  3. The Raven’s Project phase 2 is expected in September depending on the availability of funding.

The above picture is of our food distribution project in Yei under The Ravens Project.

That is FAITH’s response to Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to provide the most needed food for 120 vulnerable households. This is supported by HFB International and the phase two will be done with funding raised from facebook fundraiser.

We would like to extend this project to Juba. We have setup a gofundme fundraiser to raise funds for that purpose.

You can donate Here

We are doing leadership training for Church and Community leaders from all Church denominations in Yei this week. We will write more about this in the next issue of our prayer letter.

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