About Us

Faith Aid InitiaTive for Humanity (FAITH) is a Non-Denominational, Non-Profit Faith-Based Organisation helping the people we serve know Jesus, grow in Faith, and live economically empowered and equipped to go into the world to serve.

Faith Aid InitiaTive for Humanity started as a music band known as Mbaraza TextGospel Band in 2005. The ministry has touched many people with the Word of God through music concerts, Church visitation, outreach and evangelism.

Faith Aid InitiaTive for Humanity has branches in both South Sudan and Uganda.

ANNUAL_REPORT_2019 (pdf)

3-Year Strategic Plan (pdf)

FAITH South Sudan is registered in South Sudan as Faith Line Ministries (FLM) with the Bureau of Religious Affairs, Republic of South Sudan.
FAITH Uganda is registered in Uganda as FAITH LTD and is located in Arua District, Uganda.

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